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A passionate practitioner of Indian astrological system, Areekara Damodharan Namboodiri was born as the child of Areekkara Narayanan Namboothiri and Kalpuzha Bhadra Antharjanam. His immense interest in astrology made him to pursue a career in it.

From astrological scholar and practitoner Karunakaran Nambiar, Sudheer acquired the knowledge of 'jyothishasastra' in the early years of his life itself. The learning was in gurukula tradition. He further learned Ashtamangalya prasna from Jyothisha acharyan Manappuzha Raman Namboothiri. Dhamodharan Namboodiri is also adept at Tachusastra. Ramala Hari Namboothiri, student of Vezheparambu Aniyan Namboothiri, assist him in Tachusastra practices.In 'Vaidika parihara kriya' he is being supported by Cherumukku Vasudevan Namboothiri.

He is also related to Kalpuzha Divakaran Namboothiripad, who was one of the founders of Aluva Thantra Vidya Peedhom.

A Namboothiri household having its roots at Balusseri in Kozhikode district, Areekkara was famous for its medical, tantric and teaching practices. Seven and a half century back, the family was brought to Tirunavaya by Zamorin and conferred it with the right of conducting daily poojas at the Navamukunda Temple situated on the banks of river nila.

He also conducts special poojas such as 'Pithru moksha sayoojya pooja', 'satru samhara yagam' in Kali concept and poojas for making progress in one's job. Apart from these, he also conducts poojas to please Vettekkaran and Kali at various temples and families across Kerala.


Astrology is derived from Vedas. It connects human life to the nine planets of solar system. With the help of astrology, it is possible to know everything about one's life. Horoscope contains the details about one's worldly life. When one doe not seem to receive the effects of horoscope, 'Prasnam' becomes helpful. By the conduct of 'Prasnam' one can know about the doshas such as DrIshti dosha, and abhichara dosha which happens in a particular period of time. 'Tamboola Prasna' and 'Ashtamangalya Prasna' are useful to know about the intensity of doshas to an extent of seven generations.

Astrology is also useful when one has to travel long distance. The details such as the structure, climatic conditions and route to the desired location can be understood with the help of an expert astrologer. A horoscope prepared on the basis of the exact time in which a person was born will be helpful in predicting one's future. An astrologer can prescribe solutions to the obstacles one may have to encounter during his life journey, by referring to one's horoscope.

Tantra Sastra

Yantras are the geometrical form of mantras. Wearing yantras prepared on the basis of tantra sastra will help one get saved from doshas. Furthermore, yantras energise body and mind.

Vaidika Sastra

Vaidika Sastra is about the conducts that one has to go through during one's life period. It includes rituals such as naming a child, marriage, death and the funeral practices.